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All Laser LASIK

The latest technological advance in laser vision correction is"custom" LASIK."Custom" LASIK, which also goes by various other proprietary names, such as CustomVue™. This represents the next step in improving the outcome of laser vision correction beyond the excellent results already attainable by conventional means.

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Wavefront Technology

You may have heard CustomVue treatments referred to as"custom LASIK" or"wavefront LASIK." CustomVue treatments use WaveScan® technology, originally developed to reduce distortions in high-powered telescopes.

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Since Laser Vision Correction was introduced a decade ago, there have been steady advances in the safety and outcomes of the procedure. Dr. Hirsch has chosen to use the Intralase laser because it avoids the potential complications related to the microkeratome, a mechanical device with a metal blade.

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One of the leading LASIK specialists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marc D. Hirsch M.D., has always believed our most educated patients are always our most satisfied. That is why our website is designed to inform you about the LASIK Procedure, including All-laser LASIK and CustomLasik procedures.

Dr. Marc D. Hirsch is a Milwaukee LASIK Specialist and experienced surgeon. He and his team are committed to setting the standard for excellence in LASIK eye surgery. This website goes into detail about Dr. Hirsch's experience, training and how he has set himself apart from other Milwaukee LASIK specialist's.