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At Eye Physician Associates our staff is trained to answer most, if not all of your questions related to refractive surgery. Each patient is greeted with individuality, patience and kindness. Treatment options are personalized depending on each patient's specific needs. At Eye Physician Associates, we will not treat any patient with medical and/or visual conditions that could result in a less than satisfactory outcome. All discussions with the patients are confidential and only between the patient and the doctor. Our practice takes great pride in our commitment to be honest, helpful and caring with each patient.

When choosing your LASIK surgeon we recommend you consider the following variables:


Dr. Hirsch is one of the few fellowship-trained corneal and refractive surgeons performing LASIK. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist who completed his ophthalmology residency at Harkness Eye Institute in New York City . This is the department of ophthalmology for Columbia University Medical Center . The use of laser to reshape the cornea was invented by members of the department. This enabled Dr. Hirsch to begin treating patients with refractive surgery during his residency training.

After his residency, he completed a prestigious fellowship in corneal diseases and refractive surgery in Boston at the Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston/Tuft's University fellowship. He held hospital privileges at Harvard Medical School and Tuft's University. He worked closely with his preceptors Michael Raizman, M.D. and Roger Steinert, M.D., who are widely considered among the top corneal and refractive surgeons in the country.

Upon entering practice, Dr. Hirsch has utilized his training to provide superb care to his patients. He focuses upon what technologies will maximize each individual's results. He has treated over one-thousand patients for vision correction procedures.

Dr. Hirsch will perform all the postoperative visits; at many other laser centers the surgeon will not do the postoperative visits.


Dr. Hirsch uses state-of the art technology to perform his laser vision correction procedures. He creates his LASIK flaps with a femtosecond laser (Intralase).

He uses the VISX S4 Excimer Laser. This laser has sophisticated tracking devices to ensure the treatment is placed with the utmost accuracy. It is approved by the FDA for a wide range of treatments including myopia(nearsightedness), hyperopia(farsightedness), and astigmatism. He uses a Wavescan to analyze the higher-order aberrations in the eye add a customized laser treatment.

He performs his procedures at a state-of-the art facility with a highly trained technical staff. The same staff members calibrate and operate the equipment. The equipment is maintained at it's highest functioning level.

Clinical and Surgical Standards

Dr. Hirsch sets his criteria for surgical candidacy at the highest level. This often causes him to turn away patients that other surgeons consider good candidates. While these patients often have excellent results, Dr. Hirsch does not provide the surgery to patients who he deems to be in the"gray" zone for candidacy. He does all the pre-operative and post-operative exams and therefore is always available to address a patient's questions either before or after the surgery.

The field of refractive surgery is constantly changing with new technology; some are worthwhile and some are not. Dr. Hirsch is neither personally invested in the technology he is using; nor a paid consultant for any of companies whose technology he uses. He therefore is only focused on what technology provides the optimal outcomes for his patients and can quickly adopt promising new advances.

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